Why Choose Roverland Parts?

Why Choose Roverland Parts For All Land Rover Repairs?

At Roverland Parts, we have decades of experience salvaging and reconditioning parts for the full line of Land Rover vehicles. We supply parts to repair facilities as well as directly to Land Rover owners.

When it comes to refurbished parts for your Land Rover, we provide our customers only top quality products, not only to ensure peak performance for your vehicle, but because we know using only quality parts is important to your safety.

Superior Reconditioned Land Rover Parts

We specialize in Land Rover parts and only Land Rover parts. Every item sold at Roverland Parts comes from a Land Rover vehicle our experienced, certified technicians personally dismantled in our shop.

Most of the Land Rovers we receive have been written off by insurance companies for minor damage, and all are very low mileage. We completely dismantle the vehicle from top to bottom. Each part is then carefully scrutinized by our team of professional technicians.

We also provide you a detailed and complete history of the part itself and take tremendous care when packaging and shipping parts, so you can rest assured you’ll be receiving a part that is in pristine condition. Our reconditioned Land Rover parts look so good, it’s often impossible to tell that they’re not brand new.

Customer Service Unmatched in the Industry

When it comes to the refurbished vehicle parts industry, transparency, knowledge and consistency from your parts supplier is often lacking. At Roverland Parts, we consider this an integral part of providing superior customer service.

We are committed to being completely transparent with our customers about the parts they will be receiving. For this reason, we provide you with pictures of the exact part you will be receiving. We are also happy to give a detailed history of the vehicle from which the part has been salvaged. If a part is in anything less than perfect condition, any flaws will be noted in explicit detail and photographed.

With a combined xx years of salvaging and refurbishing experience on our team, no one in this industry has the knowledgebase and dedication to Land Rover vehicles we provide our customers.

We want you to know exactly what you are purchasing and what you will be receiving when you work with Roverland Parts, and welcome any questions you have.

Comprehensive Parts Warranty and Guarantee

All of our refurbished parts come with a minimum 90 day guarantee from the date of original purchase. New parts come with a 1 year guarantee and engines and drives shafts have a 6 month unlimited mile guarantee.

We back up our promise of excellent quality with a unlimited mileage, complete money-back guarantee that covers your rebuilt Land Rover transfer cases, transmissions and differentials for a full year. That is regardless of the mileage you put on the part over the course of that year. We also have an extended warranty option for transfer cases and explicit warranties for all refurbished and new Land Rover vehicle parts we supply.

Be sure to read about our guarantees based on parts before you purchase!

Plus, any orders over $300 benefit from free shipping.

It’s Hot Out! Get Air Conditioning Parts for your Land Rover Vehicle at Roverland Parts

It’s that time of year! These Land Rover vehicle air conditioning parts are available right now on our website:

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LR3 &LR4 Air Conditioning Parts

Freelander Air Conditioning Parts

Roverland Parts: Providing Customers Top Quality Reconditioned Land Rover Vehicle Parts

Looking for reconditioned Land Rover parts? Whether you’re taking care of your personal vehicle or own a service shop, when it comes time to buy a replacement part for your vehicle, the professionals at Roverland Parts offer customers quality, customer service, and a guarantee that is unmatched in the used parts industry.

Visit our website to see all currently available used Land Rover parts in our inventory, browse by vehicle type or parts, view detailed pictures, and get information on our parts guarantees. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us with any questions at 877-443-9248 or fill out the Contact Us form on our website.

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