The Path All Land Rover Parts Take Before Landing On Our Shelves


At Roverland Parts, we pride ourselves on being the knowledgeable source for all things Land Rover! Unlike at a salvage yard, all parts that come from us travel the same, refined path before landing on our shelves to be shipped out directly from us to the Land Rover vehicle owners and repair facilities we serve.

It is of the upmost importance to us that every part received by our customers exceeds their expectations, as we know we are not only helping Land Rover vehicles get back on the road, but ensuring their peak performance for the life of the vehicle.

Here is the path every Land Rover part takes before landing on our shelves and getting listed for sale on our website:

  1. Finding The Right Land Rover Vehicles

Most of the Land Rover vehicles we receive at our facility have been written off by insurance companies for minor damages, leaving many of the vehicle parts still in prime condition. These Land Rovers are all in low mileage, excellent condition and arrive at our facility to be completely dismantled and inspected in house by our experienced team of professionals.

  1. A Complete Dismantle

After carefully cataloging the recently received, low mileage Land Rover vehicle to be dismantled down to each usable part, our experienced technicians begin the dismantling process. The complete dismantle is accomplished in three steps:

  • Remove all salvageable bumpers, fenders, interior parts, doors, and body panels.
  • Separate the body of the Land Rover from the frame. The body is stored on a large rack in our back lot.
  • Remove the engine, transmission, transfer case and drive train parts from the rolling chassis.

These parts will always remain in our warehouse, not left in the open, exposed to potential damage and wear from weather and the elements.

  1. Reconditioning and Salvaging Parts

Every part is painstakingly tested, inspected and restored to like-new factory condition. Our technicians employ the most rigorous quality control methods in the industry, ensuring that any part we make available for purchase is in genuinely pristine condition, unless otherwise noted in detailed.

  1. A Thorough Cleaning

After being removed from the truck, the individual parts are then cleaned, catalogued and stored on racks inside the warehouse. We also take photos of every individual part to supply before listing as available for purchase.

To aid in the cleaning process, our parts are cleaned in our automatic parts washer, which protects the parts themselves and keeps our facility free from environmentally dangerous chemicals.

  1. Professional Packing and Shipping, In-House

To guarantee all salvaged Land Rover parts arrive in the same condition they left our facility in, we ship all parts in brand new packaging materials. Each part is individually wrapped and boxed to ensure parts are received undamaged.

Our engines, transmissions and transfer cases are shipped in handmade, customized crates that fully enclose the unit to ensure maximum protection.

Plus, any order over $300 always ships for free!

Superior Salvaged Land Rover Parts, Plus Superior Service

The result of this highly refined salvaging process? Reconditioned Land Rover parts that are in such good shape, our customers can hardly believe they aren’t brand new.

Alongside our dedication to superior quality, we also promise our customers a level of service unmatched in the industry, and certainly leagues above a salvage yard. We are not only knowledgeable, but always completely transparent with our customers about our overall processes, from start to finish, and are able to provide specific details on each individual part we sell.

We also back up our promise of superior quality with a comprehensive parts warrantee.

Don’t see the part you are looking for on our website? Give us a call at 877-443-9248 or fill out the Contact Us form on our website. We are happy to help you find the Land Rover part you need!

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