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Transfer CaseRoverland Parts makes finding a replacement part – even hard to find parts like transfer cases, transmissions or engines – simple and fast. Thanks to our rigorous inspection processes, dedication to quality, and extensive knowledge and experience, all parts shipped out from the Roverland Parts facility are consistently in premium condition and guaranteed to last. Plus, purchasing a top quality rebuilt transfer case from Roverland can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Order A Top Quality Rebuilt Transfer Case From Roverland Parts Today

 Roverland is proud to be your preferred Land Rover parts dealer. We recognize the importance of providing top quality parts for vehicles, not only so you can get your vehicle running again, but to keep that Land Rover vehicle running for longer, safer. In order to guarantee this for our customers, all parts from Roverland must pass through our rigorous, multi-point inspection process:

  1. Finding Land Rover Parts: We source low mileage Land Rover Vehicles, many of which have been written off by insurance companies for minor damage.
  2. Complete Dismantle: We completely dismantle the entire vehicle inside our facility, protecting parts from exposure.
  3. Salvage and Reconditioning: Every part is painstakingly tested, inspected and restored to like-new factory condition by our team of experienced, professional technicians.
  4. Thorough Cleaning: Each individual part is cleaned, catalogued and stored on racks inside our facility
  5. Shipping: All engines, transmissions and transfer cases are shipped in brand new, custom-designed crates that fully enclose the unit to ensure maximum protection during shipping.

To back up this promise, all rebuilt transfer cases, transmissions and differentials from Roverland Parts come with a 1-year unlimited mile guarantee from the date of original purchase.

Our website is designed to make it incredibly simple to find the transfer case you need. Shop all Transfer Cases here, or search transfer cases by vehicle type using the links below:

As specialists in Land Rovers and only Land Rovers, the technicians at Roverland Parts have the knowledge base and experience to help you find exactly what you need for your Land Rover vehicle. At Roverland Parts, we not only supply customers the highest quality refurbished and rebuilt Land Rover parts, we also offer excellent customer service that has earned Roverland Parts the reputation as the best in the industry.

Save On A Rebuilt Transfer Case From Roverland

When you purchase a new part from a dealership or directly from a manufacturer, you will be paying a significant mark-up. Finding a refurbished or rebuilt part, especially on a more complex item like a rebuilt transfer case, engine or differential, is absolutely the smarter purchase. Unless you have a reliable source for purchasing the used part you need, though, finding that part can be difficult. That’s why Roverland Parts specializes in Land Rover parts and only Land Rover parts – we want to be that source for our customers. We have the used Land Rover parts you need, refurbished or rebuilt, and for a fraction of the cost of new parts.

While the lower cost of a used part is of course a benefit, the real selling point for purchasing a refurbished or rebuilt part from Roverland is the added value. Our high-quality, low mileage parts are reliable and consistent in addition to being significantly more cost effective, and we back that quality up with a comprehensive guarantee.

Roverland Parts Offers Service, Quality, and Savings, Guaranteed

 Whether you’re taking care of your personal vehicle or own a service shop, when you need to find a replacement part for a Land Rover vehicle, the professionals at Roverland Parts can help. We offer the highest level of quality, customer service, and savings, all backed up by a guarantee that is unmatched in the parts industry.

Contact us by phone at 877-443-9248 or visit our website to see all currently available Land Rover transfer cases in our inventory, or find the engine, transmission, or other Land Rover parts you need.

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