34th Annual All British Car & Cycle Show – 26th Sept 2015

The St. Louis All British Car and Cycle show is an annual event that has been taking place for over 30 years. The show brings out a wonderful selection of the finest classic and more modern examples of the British Automobile (car) and Motorcycle industry. Come and visit to see over 150-200 beautiful cars and perhaps re-live a few memories. The show takes place on Saturday September 26, 2015 at Creve Coeur Lake park and offers a wonderful scenic setting by the lake with shade from some large trees.


Check out the video from last years show and head over to the link to check out their site after the jump!

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Range Rover Weight Loss

Aluminium Frame

What automotive material has less weight, more cost, and is pronounced funny by British people? If your answer was Aluminum, pat yourself on the back. You are smart.

There has been much hype surrounding the new Land Rovers and their aluminum body and chassis.

But why?

Land Rover have been using aluminum for decades. The post-World War II era left much of Europe in shambles. Steel was a scarce commodity during that time, so the designers at Land Rover decided to use the excess aluminum from airplanes that were leftover from the war. Many thought the aluminum would only be used until Europe stabilized and steel could be implemented in the designs again. They were wrong. The aluminum showed to be very strong, light weight, and resistant to rust. Aluminum was here to stay.

Despite all the advantages of aluminum, recent Land Rovers and Range Rovers have still used steel in their frames and doors. That is now changing the new models. The new 2014 Range Rover Sport and Full Size HSE have shaved an excess of 800 lbs from previous years due to its aluminum architecture.

The more aluminum they use, the more weight gets dropped. The more weight gets dropped, the more performance and fuel efficiencies go up. The more fuel efficiencies go up, the more green you’ll be! The more green you are…..well, you get the picture.

One of the major issues with aluminum, however, is the cost to repair. The dealerships are training their employees to use the special tools and techniques, but less than 10% of the independent shops are certified and meet the training requirements to work with most aluminum body parts.

Since the price of repair is predicted to go up, insurance companies tend to charge more for insuring these vehicles that are made of more aluminum. We are not sure if that really matters to someone who is purchasing a vehicle of upwards of $100,000.
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Range Rover Dismantle Timelapse

100 of these were made for the United States…We’ve had 3



Range Rover Borrego Edition

This is an extremely rare  yellow Range Rover ‘Borrego Edition’. Only 100 where made for sale in the United States. We’ve had the pleasure of dismantling three. Yes, 3 of 100. A total of 3% of these brought to the US have been through our doors and we are honored. 🙂


The vehicle’s sticker price in 2002 was a whopping $72,655.

(Which according to our inflation calculator would be roughly $94,470 in today’s dollars)

From this picture you would think the vehicle is in great condition. It is not until you see the right rear quarter panel that you unveil the true nature of this yella’ fella’.

Right Rear

Imagine being the person who hit this car. What do you say in your defense? “No, officer…I didn’t see the REALLY bright yellow large SUV. It appeared out of nowhere!”

Anyways, we will be time lapsing the complete dismantlement of this vehicle from start to finish.

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Our Newest Addition!


The theme here at RL Parts for the year of 2014 is “EXPANSION”. Yes, we are expanding and we are very excited to be able to serve our customers better with our newest edition. We have successfully finished our brand new in-house Transmission and Transfer case rebuilding shop.

RoverlandPartsRoverland Parts Transmission Shop

Not only have we expanded our structure, we’ve expanded our staff to add a ZF certified transmission rebuilder with over 25 years of experience in the field of transmissions. In accordance with bringing our transmission rebuild in-house, we will now be extending our current 6 month warranty to a 1 year warranty with all of our transmissions and transfer cases.


Again, we are excited to offer this to our valued customers and will be giving you updates on the rest of our 2014 expansions later this year. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!



RL Parts, Inc Representative



Happy New Year! 2014 vs 2013 Range Rover Sport

Roverland2014SPORT Roverland2013SPORT

2014. The Chinese year of the Horse. A year we can all hope to include happiness and prosperity. What will 2014 bring? What technology will change? What records will be broken? What shape with the world be in when the clock strikes 12 a year from now?

Yes, 2013 has come and gone and the world has had its share of ups and downs. We stumbled upon a neat article with predictions for the 2014 year.


One change we are already aware of is the new 2014 Range Rover Sport. Land Rover has finally released their new lineup of Range Rovers and they are a sight to see. At first quick glance you notice only subtle changed, but upon further review and a plunge into the interior of the vehicle you will think very differently.

Let’s start with the exterior. Land Rover has chosen to go sleek. The new headlight and taillight fixtures seem to melt seamlessly into the body lines of the vibrant Firenze Red paint scheme. We really like those features. In fact, much of the exterior seems to have a ‘slimmed down’ look. The side louvers have been hugged into the fenders causing a very interesting bodyline from the fender to the door.


We truly love everything they have done with the exterior. It was redesigned fantastically and gets our two thumbs up!

Let’s move to the interior. Land Rover has added 7 inches to the wheel base of the Sport. They have also added a wonderful panoramic sun roof. The front seats have been fitted with side bolsters that make you feel snug and comfortable. Everything seems to be well designed for not only style but functionality.

We think the interior speaks for itself. What do you think?

RangeRoverSportInterior2014 RangeRoverSportInterior2013


Along with the additional 7 inches in wheel base, the new Sport weighs about 800 pounds lighter due to its new aluminum structure. That’s what New Years is all about, right? Weight loss!

We encourage you to take one for a test drive. You wont be sorry you did.

Happy New year! May you and yours have the best times ahead!



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Part Numbers.

Dear reader,

There is a valuable piece of information that will help you on your search for a new/used part for your Land Rover. Information that can save you time and money. Information that is crucial in ensuring that you receive the correct part for your vehicle.


Yes, a factory part number can go a long way in helping you find the elusive part you are looking to purchase for your Land Rover. Most part numbers are located on the part itself and can be easily identified. If you need help with part numbers, you can always call the dealer and give them your VIN# and tell them the part you are looking to find. They can use their computers to give you the proper numbers. This comes in handy when looking for mirror glass, head lights, trim pieces, etc…

Here is an example of a part number that is easy to find:

Easy Part number to find: AMR5700

This part number is AMR5700 and is linked with the Discovery II Cruise Control ECU. Again, if you are having trouble finding the part number for your part, please contact the dealer with your VIN# and they can help you find the correct number.

One thing you may need to know, however, is that part numbers for Land Rovers tend to supersede one another. What I mean by that is, often their are numerous different part numbers for the same part. Land Rover changes many if it’s part numbers each year. Sometimes it seems they make superseding part number because…well…they feel like it…ha!


Say you want a Range Rover mobile phone control ECU. (2003-2008)

Here are your potential part numbers:

LR010608, XVJ5000042, XVJ500046, XVJ500280, XVJ500045, XVJ500350, XVJ500420, LR010608, XVJ500420, XVJ500046, XVJ500280, XVJ500045, XVJ500350

That is 13 part numbers for this specific part. Don’t ask me why, but it is what it is.

Having the correct part number puts you in the drivers seat of your part search.

Cheers to part numbers,


The Journey of the P38

Range Rover P38 arriving at RL Parts

Range Rover P38 arriving at RL Parts

This 2000 Range Rover P38 began it’s long journey to the United States over 13 years ago. Yes, this 2000 model P38 Range Rover voyaged across the pound when gas prices were a mere $1.50 a gallon, the Y2K myth was busted, and the first season of the reality show “Survivor” was filmed.

That was 13 years ago.

We now fast forward to 2013 and gas is $3.50, Facebook connects the planet, and music has downgraded to the likes of Justin Bieber and Ke$ha. Anyone own a time machine by any chance?

For the sake of our story, we will name this P38 Lucile. Yes, we are naming the car.

Thirteen  years ago Lucile was fresh out the factory and gleaming on the showroom floor. Her new car smell intoxicate one lucky owner and she was sent out into the world to do what she does best, DRIVE. The years passed with the regular oil changes, tire rotations, and routine check ups. Thirteen years of open road will inevitably have it’s fare share of everyday wear and tear.

2013 will be the end of the road for Lucile as a whole, but merely the beginning of the road for many of her components that will soon be reconditioned and sold to eager Range Rover enthusiast. The fact of that matter is that many of these parts have been discontinued and thus nearly impossible to find new or used. We strive each day to be able to fill that need.

Some may see her now thirteen years later and be saddened at what time has done to her. Although she still runs, it’s time for her to begin the next big journey.

*****        Dismantlement.        *****

Beginning to drain the fluids.

Beginning to drain the fluids.

Fluid draining.

Fluid draining.

Beginning the dismantling of exterior and interior of the P38

Beginning the dismantling of exterior and interior of the P38

Think of it as being an organ donor. Lucile will go through various steps of dismantlement. She has been taken off the car hauler via our industrial size forklift and then hoisted ‘up top’ for the fluid to be removed from the engine, differential, radiator, and transmission. The drive shafts are also removed and the remainder of the undercarriage is prepped for dismantle while ‘up top’ on the rack.

Once the oil and fluids have been removed and properly disposed of, Lucile will be brought down and begin the majority of her dismantlement.

Removing door panels and interior pieces.

Removing door panels and interior pieces.

Body parts, interior, and engine are taken apart.

Each part is inspected for wear and then labeled by the year and model of the vehicle. The parts are then inventoried in our warehouse and stored until purchase.

The photographs on the left depict the various stages of dismantling that go on here at RL Parts.

Doors are disassembled and the components are cauterized. The interior, body panels, and quarter glass are then removed. All this is setting the stage for the removal of the body from the chassis. Once the body lifted and removed, we then begin work on the engine, transmission, transfer case, and differentials. The transmissions we remove are sent to a professional rebuild facility down the street from RL Parts. They rebuild the transmissions so that they are basically just like a new transmission with zero miles on it.

The body is removed from the chassis and stored behind our warehouse. From this point we remove the transfer case, transmission, and engine. All the parts that have been inspected have been stored in our warehouse. The transmission and transfer case will be sent away for rebuild. Lucile has now finished her life as a Range Rover P38.

Up next on the RL Parts dismantling docket, an LR3.




P38 loses some weight. Doors removed.

P38 loses some weight. Doors and interior removed.



Body separated from the chassis.

Body separated from the chassis.

Engine removed.

Engine removed.

99-04 Discovery II Door Latch/Actuator Help

1999-2004 Land Rover Discovery II Door Latch/Actuator Help!

This post is to help you with your front or rear door latches on the 1999-2004 Land Rover Discovery II. The latches have two modes. One mode will disable the latch, which makes it not function correctly after installation. If your latch is disabled, it will still work electrically but you will be unable to open your door once it is closed. This post will help you move the latch back into the correct mode, so the door can be opened and the latch will function correctly.

The first two pictures attached are of a 1999-2004 Discovery II Door Latch – Right Front, with the plastic cover removed. These are just for reference so you can see the internals of the latch when it is in the correct mode and the incorrect mode.

99-04-D2-RF-Latch-WOCvr-C 99-04-D2-RF-Latch-WOCvr-IC

Look where the lines are in both pictures. You will see the difference in the latching mechanism when it is in the incorrect mode. If that is the mode that your latch is in, then you will need to get the latch back into the correct mode. Follow the next few pictures to see how to do that. The next pictures are going to have the latch cover on it, like you will see in your vehicle.

99-04-D2-RF-Latch-WCvr-IC 99-04-D2-RF-Latch-WCvr-ICA99-04-D2-RF-Latch-WCvr-C99-04-D2-RF-Latch-WCvr-Push

In the above picture you will see that with a flat head screw driver, you will need to push the metallic piece that is just behind the cover. That will need to be pushed in the direction away from the green tab. Once that is done, the latch will ‘pop’ back into the correct mode and you will be able to open the door.


Here is video footage of the actuator being placed back into the correct mode from the incorrect setting.

—————> (Click HERE for Video) <—————

We hope this helps!

Have a great day,


RL Parts



Salvaged Vehicles…

How do we get the parts we sell?

Well, the majority of our parts comes from salvaged vehicles we purchase from insurance auctions. We specialize in professionally dismantling these low mileage Land Rovers in an effort to retrieve all the remaining parts that can be used.

For example, we receive a 2009 Range Rover Sport that has been in a pretty bad front end collision and deemed ‘totaled’ by the insurance company. If you look at the vehicle, you might be in awe that someone would want to purchase such a heap of twisted metal. We see that 75% or more of the car is still intact.

For Example:


Salvaged Range Rover Sport

Salvaged Range Rover Sport


Many of the parts are still good and intact! Back bumper, Tail lights, rear gate and rear gate glass, back doors, quarter panels, wheelsrear airbag suspensionexhaust, rear seat beltsdoor latchesdoor handles, an assortment of ECU’s, sun roof assembly, radio, side view mirrors, rear differential, fuel pump, gas door, rear height sensors, etc…

Since the vehicle has low mileage, these parts often have very little ware and tear. Instead of paying double at the dealer, you can get a used part and save time and money.

We also have an array of new OEM parts. Most of these parts are our gasket sets, thermostats, and front air suspension.

Please visit RoverlandParts.com or call 877.443.9246 and speak with one of our representatives!

Thank you and have a good day,