Need To Replace A Land Rover Engine? Save Thousands With Roverland!

The professionals at Roverland Parts have specialized in the rebuilding process of Land Rover vehicle engines and vehicle parts for more than 30 years. When it comes to purchasing a rebuilt engine, you won’t find anywhere that can deliver the level of quality that Roverland promises – plus we back up that promise with an unlimited mileage guarantee.

Replacing the engine in a Land Rover you own or are servicing doesn’t have to include a huge hassle or be outrageously expensive. When you purchase a top quality rebuilt or refurbished engine from Roverland Parts, you can get your Land Rover back on the road faster, safer, and for a significantly lower cost.

Buying a Rebuilt or Refurbished Land Rover Engine – What You Should Know

 Everyone knows that purchasing a replacement engine from a manufacturer is an expensive hassle. Even if you’re willing to pay the exorbitant sticker price for a brand-new engine, the length of time you’ll be waiting for it to arrive can be weeks, or even months. And while there is no shortage of second-hand websites and salvage yards you can scour for the engine you need, it can take even longer to find what you’re looking for and you’ll get little to no guarantee that the engine you’ll find is safe or reliable.

If you are in need of a replacement Land Rover engine and know that you don’t want to spend the hefty price tag for a new one direct from a dealership, but also don’t want to risk receiving a poor-quality replacement from a typical salvage yard or second-hand site, consider a professionally rebuilt or refurbished engine from the Land Rover specialists.

Why Order Land Rover Engines From Roverland Parts

Experience: When buying a complex vehicle part, like an engine or transmission, it’s important to make sure to purchase from a source that you can trust. Roverland Parts has been in the business of supplying new and refurbished parts for Land Rovers, and only Land Rovers, for more than 30 years. The refurbished engines we provide our customers are in like-new condition, and are backed up by our comprehensive guarantee.

Supply: There is a limited supply of Land Rover vehicles available for salvage, but as a longstanding business specializing in Land Rovers, Roverland has developed relationships with suppliers that give us access to the greatest selection of high quality, low mileage Land Rover vehicles in the country.

Quality Assurance: We employ rigorous quality assurance checkpoints throughout the rebuilding processes, ensuring the engine you receive from us will be in perfect condition, ready to install:

  • We receive the decommissioned Land Rover vehicle in our facility where it is dismantled entirely
  • All parts are removed, thoroughly inspected, and restored to like-new condition by our technicians
  • Parts are then catalogued and listed on our website, along with photos and descriptions
  • All parts are stored on racks in our climate-controlled facility
  • Once purchased, engines are packaged in our hand-made, custom-designed crates and shipped directly from our facility to you.

Guarantee: One of the most important things Roverland offers customers that other salvage places typically do not is our Unlimited Mileage Guarantee. Our standard warranty covers your rebuilt or refurbished engine under normal operating conditions, regardless of how many miles you put on it during that one-year (rebuilt) or six-month (refurbished) period.

Finding the Replacement Land Rover Engine You Need

The process for ordering the engine you need for your Land Rover is simple and easy:

Browse engines by vehicle type on our website to view all currently available Land Rover engines, or use the links below:

All engine orders include free shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states in our specially designed shipping crates to keep parts in perfect condition, exactly as they left our facility.

If you have any questions at all, the knowledgeable staff at Roverland Parts is are always available and happy to take your call. With decades of experience in the Land Rover business, our extensive knowledge base and dedication to customer service keep our customers returning to us for all their Land Rover parts needs, time and time again.

Get The Engine You Need, Get Your Land Rover Back On The Road

Purchasing high quality Land Rover parts is crucial to keeping your vehicle safely on the road and on budget. Contact Roverland Parts by phone at 877-443-9248 or visit our website to see all engines for Land Rovers in our inventory right now.


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