Land Rover Debuts It’s Most High-End SUV to Date


Land Rover debuted the 2016 Holland & Holland Range Rover this week at the price of almost $250,000. The limited edition SUV was created in collaboration with the Holland & Holland shotgun company. The upscale company is well known for making high-end hunting supplies and guns. Land Rover, well known for off-roading adventures has found a long-term collaboration with Holland & Holland. There have been several other limited edition models created through this collaboration; however this is the most elaborate to date.

Luxury Body Parts

The SUV will have plenty of upgraded features like a gun case that will hold two shotguns from Holland & Holland. The leather gun cabinet is housed in the cargo area, but can also be removed. The Interior will have walnut wood detailing, and leather reclining seats. With extending tables and custom leather floormats, it will have an elegant interior. The model also features custom paint and paneling. This will represent the ultimate luxury SUV for the high-end outdoorsman.

Limited US Release

This release follows the growing popularity of luxury SUVs, however the Holland & Holland model will only distribute 30 in the U.S. this spring. Jon Edwards, managing director of Land Rover Special Operations states, “The whole SVO team is very proud of this car, a bespoke design, which perfectly meets the very particular needs of Holland & Holland customers. This shows the huge potential of SVO, which encapsulates both off- and on-road performance as well as luxury and craftsmanship”.

Roverland Parts Body Parts

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