Get Back On The Road Today With A Roverland Land Rover Engine!

5.0 EngineIf you are in need of a Land Rover engine, then look no further than Roverland Parts! Our replacement Land Rover engines and other Land Rover used parts are all high quality and come with a great unlimited warranty.

Our Replacement Land Rover Engines

At Roverland, we provide the highest quality of rebuilt Land Rover engines for all makes and models of the Land Rover brand. And, buying a rebuilt Land Rover engine from Roverland can save you thousands.

For more than 30 years, the professional, certified technicians at Roverland have been helping Land Rover owners and repair facilities get expertly reconditioned and used Land Rover parts for the full line of Land Rover vehicles. We have worked hard to become the number one trusted source in the Land Rover salvage industry.

When it comes to rebuilt Land Rover engines, we recognize that quality is not negotiable. That’s why all Roverland Parts rebuilt Land Rover engines are:

  • Guaranteed: Our rebuilt engines come with a complete unlimited mileage guarantee for 1 year, covering all normal engine wear and tear.
  • Affordable: Professionally rebuilt Land Rover engines from Roverland Parts are more cost effective than buying new and more reliable than buying used from anywhere else. Plus, at Roverland, we also offer free shipping for orders over $300 (lower 48 U.S. only).
  • Meticulously Inspected: All parts from Roverland are subject to our rigorous quality control checkpoints, which begins the moment the vehicle arrives at our facility through the entire reconditioning or rebuilding process.

Whether you are repairing your personal Land Rover or servicing a vehicle in your shop, purchasing a refurbished or rebuilt Land Rover engine from Roverland Parts helps you get back on the road faster, safer, and for a significantly lower cost.

Don’t waste time or money searching on the internet: Roverland Parts has the rebuilt Land Rover engine you need, in stock now.

Our rebuilt 5.0 And 3.0 Land Rover Engines

Our rebuilt 5.0 and 3.0 engines carry an excellent 1-year unlimited mile guarantee and include:

  1. New main bearings, rod bearings, and rings.
  2. Polishing of the crankshaft and honing and decking of the engine block.
  3. Completely rebuilt cylinder heads.
  4. All timing components new updated OEM.
  5. New water pump.
  6. New OEM center and rear coolant manifolds as well as center oil cooler.
  7. All assembly parts (gaskets, bolts, hardware) are OEM Land Rover parts.

Our refurbished 4.2 – 4.4 engines carry a 6-month unlimited mile guarantee and include:

  1. Removal of the oil pan to check the main and rod bearings and cleaning of the oil sump.
  2. Resealing the oil pan.
  3. Removal of the timing chain cover to replace cam chain guides and tensioners.
  4. Resealing of the timing chain cover.
  5. Installation of a new water pump.
  6. Removal/new replacement of the valve covers to check the cams, cam gears, and heads.
  7. Replacing and re-sealing of the valve covers.
  8. Replacement of thermostat and housing.
  9. Capping off all air sensitive openings.

Ready to get your Land Rover back up and running with a replacement engine or any other Land Rover used parts? Save $$ on Land Rover parts with Roverland!

We also offer special pricing for dealers/dealerships, so please call and talk to one of our Roverland specialists at (877) 443-9246 to get your quote today. The price we give you will be the bottom line price. All shipping and handling fees will be included (we cover shipping to you and getting the core back to us).