Buying Used Complex Parts – Transfer Cases and Differentials

Transfer CaseIt’s common knowledge that complicated, big ticket vehicle parts like differentials and transfer cases are not inexpensive to replace. Dealerships don’t have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to setting the price for these replacement parts. They have margins to meet and are subject to the prices charged to them by the manufacturer. In addition to the sticker shock of a brand new replacement transfer case or differential, there is the question of value. OM parts from an original vehicle are a smarter choice, and recycled parts are often faster to get ahold of and more efficient to use, in addition to being significantly more cost effective.

If you are in the need of new vehicle parts and know that you don’t want to spend full price for expensive new parts from a dealer, it is possible to find professionally remanufactured parts that are truly in like new condition.

Often, the idea of having to waste valuable time hunting on places like Craigslist, yard sale sites or junk yards for exactly what you need puts people off from seeking out used complex parts. Plus, there is the worry of getting ripped off on a part or, worse, ending up with something that is not safe. But there is a safer and smarter option. You can find a specialist for your vehicle type who purchases discontinued vehicles and salvages undamaged parts to be reconditioned for resale. Purchasing reconditioned complex parts like transfer cases and differentials that have been salvaged from a low mileage vehicle is more cost effective and typically of higher quality than purchasing new parts from the dealer.

Remanufactured Differentials

When buying a remanufactured differential or any complex vehicle parts, it’s important to make sure to purchase from a trusted source that you can be certain will provide you both a substantial guarantee and peace of mind.

At Roverland Parts, the Land Rover differentials we supply our customers are in a pristine, like-new condition. Unless otherwise noted, all parts we supply have been so well restored that it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between them and a brand new part you would receive from a dealer.

Our website is laid out to make finding and purchasing the remanufactured parts you need simple, so you don’t have to waste your time seeking the part you need. We offer a list of all available differentials here, or you can browse parts by vehicle type:

Remanufactured Transfer Cases

High quality complex vehicle parts like transfer cases, differentials, and engines are crucial to keep your vehicle safely on the road for the long haul. For this reason, Roverland Parts not only employs a rigorous inspection process on all parts, but we also salvage our parts from Land Rover vehicles that have very low mileage on them.

We also back up our remanufactured transfer cases with a substantial, unlimited mile, one year guarantee.

Shop all remanufactured Land Rover transfer cases currently in stock or browse transfer cases by vehicle type:

Professionally Remanufactured Differentials and Transfer Cases For Land Rovers

You don’t need to be afraid to purchase a remanufactured differential or transfer case when you are purchasing from the professionals at Roverland Parts, the trusted source in the Land Rover salvage industry. Whether you are purchasing to repair a Land Rover in your shop or for your personal Land Rover vehicle, save money and receive a guaranteed high quality part when you choose a replacement transfer case or differential remanufactured by the expert technicians at Roverland Parts: visit our website to see what is currently available or call us at 877-443-9246

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