Land Rover Defender Ends Production After 7 Decades


The Land Rover defender is considered to be one of the most iconic cars of all time, however production has stopped on the model this week. Originating in 1948, this model was the original “Land Rover”, and is internationally recognized for it’s signature boxy panels. The Rover brand originally created the Land Rover to target the military, however the model soon became the most popular in the Rover line.

The History of the Unique Body Panel Design

While originally inspired by the Willy’s Jeeps, Rover designers had some limitations which help create the signature look of the Land Rover. Due to the lack of suitable steel and pressing materials, the body panel was made out of lightweight aluminum. These choices limited the amount of bend in the body panel, and led to the iconic look. The body panel materials were also resistant to corrosion, helping create a longer lifespan for the Land Rover exterior. The Land Rover eventually gained the name Freelander, and expanded its line with other models like the Freelander and Discovery.

Next Steps For Land Rover Defender

Due to crash test legislation and emissions laws, the Defender has been forced to stop production. There are no immediate plans to replace the Defender, in part due to it’s legendary status. However, given the popularity of the original boxy body panel style, Land Rover has hinted there may be a future for a similar type model within the next several years.

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