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TransmissionsWhether you own a shop that services Land Rover vehicles or you are a Land Rover owner, when it comes time to replace the transmission, it can be hard to find a quality one. At Roverland Parts, we have new and top-quality rebuilt transmissions available exactly when you need them.

Get Exactly What You Need When You Need It!

Instead of wasting hours calling used parts shops hoping to get lucky, you can trust that Roverland Parts has the Land Rover transmission you need, already on hand, and ready to ship. Seriously, there’s no need to hunt through hundreds of websites or call salvage shop after salvage shop searching for a hard-to-find Land Rover transmission.

And, if we don’t have the transmission you need in stock, we can get it. We regularly source low mileage Land Rovers from across the country and are happy to help you find the Land Rover part you are looking for.

Get Back On The Road Today With A Roverland Land Rover Engine!

5.0 EngineIf you are in need of a Land Rover engine, then look no further than Roverland Parts! Our replacement Land Rover engines and other Land Rover used parts are all high quality and come with a great unlimited warranty.

Our Replacement Land Rover Engines

At Roverland, we provide the highest quality of rebuilt Land Rover engines for all makes and models of the Land Rover brand. And, buying a rebuilt Land Rover engine from Roverland can save you thousands.

For more than 30 years, the professional, certified technicians at Roverland have been helping Land Rover owners and repair facilities get expertly reconditioned and used Land Rover parts for the full line of Land Rover vehicles. We have worked hard to become the number one trusted source in the Land Rover salvage industry.

At Roverland Parts You Can Save $$ On Your Evoque Differential

Roverland Parts is your one stop shop for Land Rover parts! We can save you hundreds of dollars on your rebuilt Evoque Differential.

How We Compare

When you go to the dealer for your Differential, here’s what you’ll pay:

  • Brand New Rear Differential (2012 – 2015) – $1710.58 (+$700 core)
  • Brand New Front Differential (2012 – 2015) – $2701.86 (+$500 core)

And, here’s what you’ll pay with us:

  • Rear Rebuilt (2012 – 2015) – $1395.00 (+$200 core)
  • Front Rebuilt (2012 – 2015) – $1395.00 (+$200 core)

Save $$ On Your LR2 Differential At Roverland Parts

Roverland Parts is your one stop shop for Land Rover parts! We can save you hundreds of dollars on your LR2 Differential.

How We Compare

When you go to the dealer for your Differential, here’s what you’ll pay:

  • Brand New Rear Differential (2008 – 2014) – $1710.58 (+$700 core)
  • Brand New Front Differential (2008 – 2012) – $2939.82 (+$500 core)
  • Brand New Front Differential (2013 – 2015) – $2701.86 (+$500 core)

Purchase Your Land Rover Transfer Case From Roverland Today!

Transfer CaseRoverland Parts makes finding a replacement part – even hard to find parts like transfer cases, transmissions or engines – simple and fast. Thanks to our rigorous inspection processes, dedication to quality, and extensive knowledge and experience, all parts shipped out from the Roverland Parts facility are consistently in premium condition and guaranteed to last. Plus, purchasing a top quality rebuilt transfer case from Roverland can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Order A Top Quality Rebuilt Transfer Case From Roverland Parts Today

 Roverland is proud to be your preferred Land Rover parts dealer. We recognize the importance of providing top quality parts for vehicles, not only so you can get your vehicle running again, but to keep that Land Rover vehicle running for longer, safer. In order to guarantee this for our customers, all parts from Roverland must pass through our rigorous, multi-point inspection process:

Need To Replace A Land Rover Engine? Save Thousands With Roverland!

The professionals at Roverland Parts have specialized in the rebuilding process of Land Rover vehicle engines and vehicle parts for more than 30 years. When it comes to purchasing a rebuilt engine, you won’t find anywhere that can deliver the level of quality that Roverland promises – plus we back up that promise with an unlimited mileage guarantee.

Replacing the engine in a Land Rover you own or are servicing doesn’t have to include a huge hassle or be outrageously expensive. When you purchase a top quality rebuilt or refurbished engine from Roverland Parts, you can get your Land Rover back on the road faster, safer, and for a significantly lower cost.

Hard To Find Land Rover Transmissions – We’ve Got Them!

Finding new or rebuilt transmissions for your Land Rover can be a frustrating endeavor. And there’s nothing worse than spending countless hours hunting for the transmission you need for your Land Rover, only to end up disappointed by the quality, if you’re even able to find one at all.

The Land Rover transmission you need to get your vehicle back on the road might be rare, but that doesn’t mean finding one has to be a pain. We’ve got transmissions for all Land Rover types, on our shelves, new or rebuilt, ready to be shipped to you immediately! And not only do we have the transmission you need, at Roverland Parts we offer customers quality, customer service, and a guarantee that is unmatched in the salvage and reconditioned Land Rover parts industry.

The Path All Land Rover Parts Take Before Landing On Our Shelves

At Roverland Parts, we pride ourselves on being the knowledgeable source for all things Land Rover! Unlike at a salvage yard, all parts that come from us travel the same, refined path before landing on our shelves to be shipped out directly from us to the Land Rover vehicle owners and repair facilities we serve.

It is of the upmost importance to us that every part received by our customers exceeds their expectations, as we know we are not only helping Land Rover vehicles get back on the road, but ensuring their peak performance for the life of the vehicle.

Roverland’s Guarantees Have You Covered!

At Roverland Parts, we have built a reputation as the supplier that the professionals trust for top-quality refurbished Land Rover parts. We are also known for always taking the time to help our customers find what they need, answer any and all questions, and for our completely transparency about the parts we provide our customers, the vehicles they come from, and our processes. Because of the consistent quality of the parts we sell and the customer service we provide, we see customers return time and again for all of their used Land Rover parts needs.

But there is one additional step we take at Roverland Parts that makes us unique, especially in the used car parts industry: we back up all parts we sell with a detailed, generous guarantee.

Why Choose Roverland Parts?

Why Choose Roverland Parts For All Land Rover Repairs?

At Roverland Parts, we have decades of experience salvaging and reconditioning parts for the full line of Land Rover vehicles. We supply parts to repair facilities as well as directly to Land Rover owners.

When it comes to refurbished parts for your Land Rover, we provide our customers only top quality products, not only to ensure peak performance for your vehicle, but because we know using only quality parts is important to your safety.