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Land Rover Debuts It’s Most High-End SUV to Date


Land Rover debuted the 2016 Holland & Holland Range Rover this week at the price of almost $250,000. The limited edition SUV was created in collaboration with the Holland & Holland shotgun company. The upscale company is well known for making high-end hunting supplies and guns. Land Rover, well known for off-roading adventures has found a long-term collaboration with Holland & Holland. There have been several other limited edition models created through this collaboration; however this is the most elaborate to date.

Land Rover Defender Ends Production After 7 Decades


The Land Rover defender is considered to be one of the most iconic cars of all time, however production has stopped on the model this week. Originating in 1948, this model was the original “Land Rover”, and is internationally recognized for it’s signature boxy panels. The Rover brand originally created the Land Rover to target the military, however the model soon became the most popular in the Rover line.

How Body Panels Can Give New Life to Land Rovers


For anyone that has ever worked on or owned a Land Rover, you are aware of the quality that goes into each component. Land Rover body parts like side panels, and doors can often be expensive to repair or replace with a new part. Body Shops may feel they that have no choice but to consider the car totaled due to restoration expenses.  This means the loss of a car that may be in perfectly good working condition otherwise. However, a high quality used body panel can help Body Shops give new life to the car, while saving money.

Freelander 1 Becomes Best-Selling Heritage Model


The Land Rover Freelander 1 has been one the best sellers for the brand, and has now become the latest Land Rover Heritage Vehicle. The Discovery Sport has recently replaced the Freelander model, however the original model was discontinued 10 years ago. The Freelander 1 was produced between 1997 and 2006, and this model was considered a pioneer in the compact premium 4×4 class. The model contained 16-patented features designed to improve off-roading capabilities, and safety. Production on the Freelander 1 ceased when the Freelander 2 was unveiled.

Land Rover Defender Sold for a Record Half Million Dollars

The two millionth Land Rover Defender has built to be sold for a record breaking $600,000 at auction. The sale took place of the Bonhams Auction in London, and the all proceeds will go to humanitarian and conservation partner charities of Land Rover, including the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the Born Free Foundation.

Range Rover Weight Loss

Aluminium Frame

What automotive material has less weight, more cost, and is pronounced funny by British people? If your answer was Aluminum, pat yourself on the back. You are smart.

There has been much hype surrounding the new Land Rovers and their aluminum body and chassis.

But why?

Land Rover have been using aluminum for decades. The post-World War II era left much of Europe in shambles. Steel was a scarce commodity during that time, so the designers at Land Rover decided to use the excess aluminum from airplanes that were leftover from the war. Many thought the aluminum would only be used until Europe stabilized and steel could be implemented in the designs again. They were wrong. The aluminum showed to be very strong, light weight, and resistant to rust. Aluminum was here to stay.

Despite all the advantages of aluminum, recent Land Rovers and Range Rovers have still used steel in their frames and doors. That is now changing the new models. The new 2014 Range Rover Sport and Full Size HSE have shaved an excess of 800 lbs from previous years due to its aluminum architecture.

The more aluminum they use, the more weight gets dropped. The more weight gets dropped, the more performance and fuel efficiencies go up. The more fuel efficiencies go up, the more green you’ll be! The more green you are…..well, you get the picture.

One of the major issues with aluminum, however, is the cost to repair. The dealerships are training their employees to use the special tools and techniques, but less than 10% of the independent shops are certified and meet the training requirements to work with most aluminum body parts.

Since the price of repair is predicted to go up, insurance companies tend to charge more for insuring these vehicles that are made of more aluminum. We are not sure if that really matters to someone who is purchasing a vehicle of upwards of $100,000.
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Range Rover Dismantle Timelapse

100 of these were made for the United States…We’ve had 3



Range Rover Borrego Edition

This is an extremely rare  yellow Range Rover ‘Borrego Edition’. Only 100 where made for sale in the United States. We’ve had the pleasure of dismantling three. Yes, 3 of 100. A total of 3% of these brought to the US have been through our doors and we are honored. 🙂


The vehicle’s sticker price in 2002 was a whopping $72,655.

(Which according to our inflation calculator would be roughly $94,470 in today’s dollars)

From this picture you would think the vehicle is in great condition. It is not until you see the right rear quarter panel that you unveil the true nature of this yella’ fella’.

Right Rear

Imagine being the person who hit this car. What do you say in your defense? “No, officer…I didn’t see the REALLY bright yellow large SUV. It appeared out of nowhere!”

Anyways, we will be time lapsing the complete dismantlement of this vehicle from start to finish.

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Our Newest Addition!


The theme here at RL Parts for the year of 2014 is “EXPANSION”. Yes, we are expanding and we are very excited to be able to serve our customers better with our newest edition. We have successfully finished our brand new in-house Transmission and Transfer case rebuilding shop.

RoverlandPartsRoverland Parts Transmission Shop

Not only have we expanded our structure, we’ve expanded our staff to add a ZF certified transmission rebuilder with over 25 years of experience in the field of transmissions. In accordance with bringing our transmission rebuild in-house, we will now be extending our current 6 month warranty to a 1 year warranty with all of our transmissions and transfer cases.

Again, we are excited to offer this to our valued customers and will be giving you updates on the rest of our 2014 expansions later this year. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!



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Happy New Year! 2014 vs 2013 Range Rover Sport

Roverland2014SPORT Roverland2013SPORT

2014. The Chinese year of the Horse. A year we can all hope to include happiness and prosperity. What will 2014 bring? What technology will change? What records will be broken? What shape with the world be in when the clock strikes 12 a year from now?

Yes, 2013 has come and gone and the world has had its share of ups and downs. We stumbled upon a neat article with predictions for the 2014 year.

One change we are already aware of is the new 2014 Range Rover Sport. Land Rover has finally released their new lineup of Range Rovers and they are a sight to see. At first quick glance you notice only subtle changed, but upon further review and a plunge into the interior of the vehicle you will think very differently.

Let’s start with the exterior. Land Rover has chosen to go sleek. The new headlight and taillight fixtures seem to melt seamlessly into the body lines of the vibrant Firenze Red paint scheme. We really like those features. In fact, much of the exterior seems to have a ‘slimmed down’ look. The side louvers have been hugged into the fenders causing a very interesting bodyline from the fender to the door.


We truly love everything they have done with the exterior. It was redesigned fantastically and gets our two thumbs up!

Let’s move to the interior. Land Rover has added 7 inches to the wheel base of the Sport. They have also added a wonderful panoramic sun roof. The front seats have been fitted with side bolsters that make you feel snug and comfortable. Everything seems to be well designed for not only style but functionality.

We think the interior speaks for itself. What do you think?

RangeRoverSportInterior2014 RangeRoverSportInterior2013


Along with the additional 7 inches in wheel base, the new Sport weighs about 800 pounds lighter due to its new aluminum structure. That’s what New Years is all about, right? Weight loss!

We encourage you to take one for a test drive. You wont be sorry you did.

Happy New year! May you and yours have the best times ahead!



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